Maximum COLA Approved for Retirees

SDCERA retired members will get the maximum cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in their April 29 pension payments:

  • Tier I, II and A members: 3% increase
  • Tier B, C and D members: 2% increase

SDCERA’s independent actuary has determined the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 5.21 percent in 2021. Learn more about the COLA and COLA bank.

The COLA would go into effect on April 1, and retirees and beneficiaries will see it in their April 29 pension payments.

If you are thinking about retiring, you must do so before April 1 to receive the 2022 COLA. Submit a request for retirement application to get started. If you retire after April 1, you will be eligible to receive the 2023 COLA.

SDCERA Reports Investment Returns for Fiscal Year 2022

SDCERA reported an investment return of -9.5 percent for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022. SDCERA’s assets under management were $14.56 billion.

Based on FY 2022’s return, SDCERA’s estimated three-year investment return would be 4.6 percent, the five-year return would be 5.4 percent, and the 10-year return would be 6.3% percent, all as of June 30, 2022. These preliminary and estimated investment returns are annualized and net of fees.

Natasha Wong Sworn in as Newest Trustee

Natasha Wong became SDCERA’s newest Board of Retirement Trustee during a swearing-in ceremony on March 17.

Trustee Wong was appointed to the board by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and will fill the sixth seat. She is an international law attorney who began her career in San Diego as the Executive Director of the Chinese Service Center. Trustee Wong is the current Superintendent and was the former Principal of the Chinese School of San Diego, the oldest private Chinese language school in the city.

Trustee Wong earned a bachelor’s in political science from University of California at Berkeley, a Juris Doctorate from Wittier Law School, and a Master of Law in International Law from the University of San Diego, School of Law. Her focus is currently in philanthropy and childhood education. She also loves to cook, travel, and spend time with her family.

Record-Breaking Retirement Volume

SDCERA has received a record-breaking number of March 2022 retirement applications. Rest assured, we are committed to processing each application timely and accurately.

We are making every effort to process March applications by the end of April so retirees will see their first SDCERA payment on April 29.

We are prioritizing retirement applications based on the date they were submitted. We appreciate your patience as we work through our record-breaking volume of March retirement applications.

Over the last five years, SDCERA processed an average of 900 retirements per year. As of March 29, 2022, we have received more than 600 retirement applications, and of those, more than 400 have a March retirement date.

If you have ever participated in an SDCERA retirement webinar or called our Member Service Center, you know that SDCERA’s goal is to make sure new retirees receive their first payment no later than the month following their retirement date. We have been extremely proficient at meeting that goal, even with the new and unexpected challenges we have seen over the last two years.

Every year we ramp up resources to prepare for a surge of March retirements because the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) goes into effect April 1 for those who retired by March 31. This year was no exception as we hired temporary workers, shifted internal resources, and scheduled overtime, but the heavy volume of March retirements was greater than expected.

SDCERA Seeking Candidates for Active General Member Seat

Attention Active General Members! Nominating petitions are now available at the Registrar of Voters (ROV) for the Third Member seat on the SDCERA Board of Retirement. This seat will be filled by an Active General SDCERA Member.

The Board of Retirement is SDCERA’s governing body, responsible for retirement benefit administration and the investment of trust fund assets. Any Active General Member can run for this seat, nominate candidates and vote in the election.

If you are a Safety Member, you are not eligible to participate in this election.

How To Run

If you would like to run for the Active General Member seat, you can pick up nomination petitions and information starting today at ROV office, located at the County Operations Center:

Registrar Of Voters Office
5600 Overland Avenue, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92123

Petitions require the signatures of at least 40 Active General Members, and you must submit the petition to the ROV in person no later than 5 p.m. on April 1.

Election Schedule

March 4Nomination petitions available at ROV
April 1Nomination petitions due to ROV by 5 p.m.
April 19ROV mails ballots to all SDCERA General Members
May 3Election Day: Ballots must be returned to the ROV by 5 p.m.
May 6ROV certifies election winner
July 1Winner’s term begins